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NX Class


Time Between Resupply

2 Years

Time Between Refit

5 Years



Cruising Velocity

Warp 4.5

Maximum Velocity

Warp 5.06

Emergency Velocity

Warp 5.2 (12 Hours)


225 Metres


135.8 Metres


33.3 Metres




The information contained on this page has not been accepted by Obsidian Fleet's Research and Development department and is thus not an available ship class for a sim.

The NX-Class was the end-result of a thirty year project to develop a starship capable of taking space travel beyond neighboring star systems. Noted scientists and engineers such as Henry Archer and Zefram Cochrane worked for many years on a Warp 5 engine at the Warp Five Complex on Earth. It was believed that such an engine would make other deep exploration vessels obsolete and allow humanity to study out far beyond the confines of known space. Despite objections from the Vulcans, the first NX began flight testing in 2150. A year later, the first of the class was named Enterprise (NX-01). The Columbia (NX-02) was launched in 2154. Another 14 ships of this class would ultimately follow.

This class was highly successful and fulfilled the exact role it's designers had hoped for. Hundreds of new species were encountered and thousands of new worlds were discovered or surveyed. They would serve on into the early 23rd Century.

Design & Layout

The NX-class was laid out in "catamaran"-style arrangement, with a habitable saucer module forward. Just aft of the module was a warp field governor, which regulated the warp field shape. Two pylons projected a warp nacelle each upward and out from the module. Two impulse engines were situated at either end of these pylons. A navigational deflector was mounted on the bow of the saucer.

Ship Systems

Initially, the NX-class was fitted with pulse plasma cannons, spatial torpedoes and phase cannons. Later, the NX-class weapons were upgraded with photonic torpedoes and pulsed phase cannons.

The defensive systems of the NX-class were not as advanced as other races. Instead of deflector shields and tractor beams the NX-class was equipped with polarized hull plating and grapplers.

There was a launch bay located on Deck E with two shuttlepods. Besides the Bridge, an Engineering Room, and Crew Quarters, they also had a Sickbay, an Armory, a Mess Hall, a Transporter Room, a Hydroponics Bay, and a theater.