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Starfleet Navy

Starfleet uniforms are uniforms worn by individuals serving in the Federation Starfleet (and the earlier Earth Starfleet). These uniforms facilitate the wearers' needs as scientists and researchers, and are also adapted for Starfleet's sometime military role.

Starfleet uniforms are generally characterized by division or department color, displaying rank insignia and position to convey authority and purpose between personnel. They are designed for comfort even in the most extreme environments.

You can download a complete set of all images on this page from the Fleet Services website linked here.

Command (Aerospace)

Command/Flight Control/Strategic Operations Duty Uniform
Aerospace Duty Uniform
Pilot's Jumpsuit

Service (Operations/Engineering/Security/Tactical)

Ops/Eng/Sec/Tact Duty Uniform

Science (Medical/Counseling)

Medical/Science Duty Uniform

Support (Diplomacy/Intelligence)

Diplomatic Corps Duty Uniform
Intelligence Duty Uniform

Dress Uniforms

Command Officers Dress Uniform
Officers Dress Uniform
NCO Dress Uniform


Marine uniforms are uniforms worn by individuals serving in the Starfleet Marine Corp (SFMC). These uniforms facilitate the wearers' needs for both combat and support needs in a marine unit.

Duty Uniform

Marine Duty Uniform

Dress Uniforms

Marine Colonel Dress Uniform
Marine Officer Dress Uniform
Marine NCO Dress Uniform