Support Duty Post

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Support Duty Post
Diplomatic Corps Duty Uniform
This duty post includes Diplomacy and Intelligence.

The Support Duty Post is a combination of Diplomatic and Intelligence areas. They are briefed below.


Most major agencies of the Federation are committees of the Federation Council. The Diplomatic Service is an exception: It is controlled directly by the President, who appoints the Minister of Foreign Affairs, or Chief Diplomat, and oversees all Service activities. Because both groups share a "special relationship" with the President, the Service often sees itself as a civilian equivalent to Starfleet. Starfleet officers, especially harried captains who have to deal with self-important civilian diplomats, often have a different opinion. Since the Diplomatic Service is so well connected, however, a politically minded Starfleet officer usually keeps his opinions to himself.

Starfleet has its own Diplomatic Corps, which operates primarily on the far frontier as an interim diplomatic agency until the Federation Diplomatic Service can send representatives to the planet in question. Many members of the Diplomatic Corps serve as military attaches in Federation Diplomatic Service embassies and missions, advising civilian ambassadors on military affairs, pursuing liaison work with local militaries, and keeping eyes and ears open for useful military data.

Being an officer for the Diplomatic Corps is not an easy task. It is, in fact, one of the most challenging positions a Starfleet Officer can accept. Your job as an officer within the Diplomatic Corps is to represent the Federation to new cultures, determine how to best handle sensitive and potentially dangerous diplomatic situations, handle First Contact scenarios, and assist your Commanding Officer with Government, Legal, and Internal Affairs. The task is difficult but is rewarding.

Diplomatic Corps Positions

Starfleet personnel (Both Officers and Enlisted Crewmembers) have a choice of several positions within the Diplomatic Corps. Starships and Starbases that offer a Diplomatic Corps detachment may offer the following (or Similar) positions for crewmembers. Click on the title to learn about the specifics and duties of the position. The field encompasses a vast variety of assignments and tasks. Check out what you can do with your career in Diplomatic Corps!

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs - Civilian NPC
  • Ambassador - Civilian
  • Chargé d'Affairs - Civilian
  • Attaché - Civilian
  • Chief Diplomatic Officer - Starfleet
  • Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer - Starfleet
  • Diplomatic Officer - Starfleet
  • Ambassador's/Diplomat's Aide - Starfleet or Civilian
  • Media Relations Officer - Starfleet
  • Records Officer - Starfleet
  • Historian - Starfleet or Civilian
  • Translation Specialist - Starfleet or Civilian
  • Diplomatic Corpsman - Starfleet


The Intelligence Corps is responsible for gathering and deciphering information and presenting it in a way that a Commanding Officer can understand. The information can come from a variety of sources including starship logs, operatives and contacts.

The Intelligence Corps is part of Starfleet Intelligence (SFI) and is under the jurisdiction of the Head of SFI and Starfleet Command.

Intelligence personnel wear grey.


Intelligence Officers support combat operations - performing and overseeing the analysis and merging of collected intelligence, and producing assessments to meet operational requirements. Responsibilities include exchanging and collecting intelligence with other services, agencies and governments, and analyzing data to advise planners of options to accomplish objectives.

Intelligence Officers evaluate mission accomplishments to determine remaining adversary capability and requirements for retargeting, and coordinate intelligence estimates and analytical activities. They coordinate input to intelligence operations plans and orders, and advise commanders on threat systems deployment, tactics and capabilities, and vulnerabilities. They also provide intelligence support and assist in the planning and execution of information warfare.

Intelligence Positions

  • Chief Intelligence Officer
  • Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer
  • Intelligence Officer
  • Collections Manager
  • Encryption Specialist
  • Analysis Specialist
  • Field Officer