Service Duty Post

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Service Duty Post
Ops/Eng/Sec/Tact Duty Uniform
This duty post includes Operations, Engineering, Security, and Tactical.

The Service Duty Post covers what we typically call Operations, encompassing Operations, Engineering, Security, Tactical, and in a way Strategic Operations. These are summarized below.


The Operations Corps is responsible for maintaining the day-to-day operations of the fleet. On smaller vessels, Operations is sometimes combined with Engineering.

Operations operates mainly in some areas of the ship, such as the Computer Core, the Ops console on the Bridge, the Cargo Bays, and maintains such ship board systems as the deflector dish. Besides these main areas of focus, Operations Officers can be found almost all over the ship/starbase, constantly maintaining it and ensuring resources are used effectively and properly.


Operations is in charge of a diverse collection of tasks, mostly technical related but (for historical reasons) also including quartermaster duties and supply.

Computers, Electronics and Software- Operations maintains the computer systems, most importantly the computer core, general electronics and system software across Starfleet. They patch and update programs, write specialized code and maintain interoperability among others tasks.

Power management- When the power needs of the ship, or starbase, need to be balanced, Operation is in charge of such duties. Usually this is handled by expert systems but it needs a human touch in emergency situations.

Specialized Systems- Operations is in charge of operating, maintaining and repairing: Holodeck systems, replicators, sensors and the transporter.

Operations Positions


  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Chief Communications Officer
  • Assistant Chief Operations Officer
  • Civilian Affairs Officer
  • Communications Officer
  • Operations Officer


  • Boatswain
  • Boatswain's Mate
  • Logistics Officer
  • Quartermaster (Starbase)
  • Quartermaster (Ship)
  • Quartermaster's Mate
  • Support Craft Officer in Charge
  • Transporter Chief

Strategic Operations

The Strategic Operations Corps is concerned with organisation and administration of fleet wide operations; these may include cargo runs, ship positioning and even fleet battles.

Strategic Operations personnel wear red. Strat Ops is usually only stationed aboard Starbases and Flagships.


The Engineering Corps is responsible for technology used by Starfleet and the Federation. Engineering personnel wear gold. On smaller vessels, Engineering is sometimes combined with the Operations department.

Engineering positions

  • Chief Engineering Officer
  • Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
  • Engineering Officer
  • Communications Specialist
  • Computer Systems Specialist
  • Damage Control Specialist
  • Impulse Systems Specialist
  • Matter / Energy Systems Specialist
  • Sensor Systems Specialist
  • Shuttlecraft Maintenance Specialist
  • Structural / Environmental Systems Specialist
  • Warp Systems Specialist
  • Holographic Systems Specialist
  • Biomedical Systems Specialist
  • Cloaking Systems Specialist
  • Engineer's Mate


Starfleet Security arose from a service branch of United Earth's Starfleet in 2155. When the United Federation of Planets was formed, Starfleet Security became responsible for securing Federation outposts, ships, facilities. Starfleet Security is not the only police force within the Federation; all planets maintain their own security/police forces. Starfleet Security would only step in if it was necessary.

Within Starfleet, Security is responsible for the smooth and safe operation of all federation facilities acting both as a Military Security force and a Military Police force. Security is required to govern and maintain the Security of all important areas and secure computer access and they are therefore required to issue and keep track of all security access codes for staff on their ships, facilities.

Although Security acts as a Military Security force on behalf of Starfleet they are only tasked with the defense of ships and facilities and would leave the offensive action to the Marines. If there are Marines assigned to the ship/facility then the Security department would collaborate with the Marines to arrange the defense of the said ships/facilities.

Along with their role as a Defensive force, Security is also the Military Police force for Starfleet. Security mount police patrols to maintain the peace in and around all Federation Facilities.

Security Locations

  • Security Office
  • Security Station
  • Brig
  • Armory
  • Interrogation Room
  • Weapons Locker

Security Positions

  • Chief Security Officer
  • Assistant Chief Security Officer
  • Security Officer
  • Brig Officer
  • Master-at-Arms
  • VIP Bodyguard


The Tactical Corps is concerned with the protection of Federation citizens. They are trained to serve on a ship to ship level. Tactical as a department on a ship is responsible for the planning of defensive strategies. They are in charge of the ship's weapons and there will at all times be a Tactical officer on the bridge. On smaller ships, Security and Tactical are under the same department as it is a possible combination to do at the academy, having one as a major specialist and the other as a minor.

Tactical officers can also work within Research and Development, specifically with weapon development. These officers will not be serving on ships as normal tactical officers.

Tactical personnel wear gold.

Tactical Positions

  • Chief Tactical Officer
  • Assistant Chief Tactical Officer
  • Tactical Officer
  • Gunner's Mate
  • Tactical Systems Operator