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Welcome to the Obsidian Fleet database, the home of all fleet canon materials including places we've been and species we've met. Obsidian Fleet is also called Starfleet's Ninth Fleet. Most character and ship information is left to the sims and characters and task forces themselves. But almost everything else lives here. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the Fleet Services director or staff.

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The April 2017 Gold Unit of Merit winner is the USS Firebird - visit now


Fleet Canon

Find out what is going on in the 9th and its unique task forces!

Ninth Fleet

Independent Fleet Operations

Task Force 47

Task Force 72

General Info

More information that is critical to the operations of the fleet can be found here.


Technology and Specifications not in the official Fleet Specifications database.

Social and Political

Information on various planets, cultures, species, and other groups.

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  • Species
  • Governments