Enlisted Duty Post

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Enlisted Duty Post
This duty post area covers Enlisted and Warrant ranked personnel.

The Enlisted men and women of Obsidian Fleet, and Starfleet as a whole, have a long-standing reputation as the backbone of our success. Whether it be in the field or on the home front, we would not be here today without our Enlisted Service Men and Women.

As such, Enlisted Affairs is dedicated to providing the fleet at large with up to date and accurate information regarding both Non-Commissioned and Warrant Officers.

Non-Commissioned Officers

Non-Commissioned Officers are classified as Enlisted Personnel between the ranks of Crewman Recruit and Master Chief Petty Officer.

Warrant Officers

Warrant Officers are certainly the most tested and experienced personnel within Starfleet having climbed through the Non-Commissioned rates in a such away that they where then rewarded with the Presidential Warrant.


Unlike Commissioned Personnel who's duties are mainly administrative and are expected to be more generalized, Elisted personnel fill the more specialist roles on Starships, Starbases, and Colonies. Many Duty Posts describe in detail enlisted opportunities.